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[27 Nov 2002|09:40am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Starsies can't come and visit me when she's in school anymore. I've been blocked!
How can you block someone as charming as me?

We must do some Enmity stuff soon- I don't know about the others, but I've been in a state of semi-hibernation.
Actually, it's only Donna I don't really know about. Thilly's here most days, or I'm around her house. And I see Rince all of the time- we were sitting on the balcony talking yesterday. It was really embarrasing though, with Janos and Stars walking upthe road, arms around each other and Stars had her head on Janos's shoulder. It was kinda eurgh-y, but it's nice to know that old crumbly people can find love too.

I feel like protesting against anthropomorphic pets. Some are great, but there are too many and it's creepy. It'd be like an owner was a parent or something. And I can't speak for anyone else, but I happen to like having four legs and really sharp claws, and the ability to leap on to the kitchen worktop in a single bound and swipe a sibling's ice cream at the speed of light.
We're NeoPETS after all- plus one you get opposable thumbs you're meant to fend for yourself. It's more fun to smile, eyes wide, and try and con a monkey-creature in to working for you.
I'm a manipulative little so-and-so, aren't I?

I'm kinda isolated at the moment as well- the Neopian Times keeps breaking whenever I try and read it, I haven't spoken to many of my friends in ages, and every time I got near LiveJournal someone prodded me until I moved. I think my ability to cause trouble merely by opening my mouth is something Stars regrets a bit.

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[20 Oct 2002|04:43pm]
[ mood | proud! ]

4 / 23
Power 10%
 The Brain Tree
0 / 105
Power 100%

The fact that it's made of plastic is besides the point. I'm a midget and I earned it. All by myself :D

I'm off to Meridell with Sha, I'll be back later...
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[18 Oct 2002|09:19am]
[ mood | hyper ]

'Twould appear that the heroine of this dramatic escapade, a Miss Wyndie Kanajere, has performed a series of actions including begging, pleading, gorvelling, fighting, hunting and biting her human on their ankle in order to get this journal back.

Look! It worked! Last move's a charm...

So, how is everyone? What's been happening? How are Enmity? Did I tell you Starsies is making us a new LJ community, to be used A LOT and it can actually be shiny looking and mod-filled and stuff? Anyone succeeded in the fame thing yet? Publishing? Adventures? Parties for Halloween?
And, also, didja miss me?

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